Letters to the editor: Coverage Of ICOC

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, March 4, 1999

Your coverage Sunday, Feb. 21, and in subsequent articles, to the recent arrival in Lubbock of the ICOC (International Church of Christ) is a tremendous service to this community. This group, first known as the Boston Movement - and later identified by other names, including The Gateway Church of St. Louis, and now, the local Lubbock Christian Church - is, by many accounts, the single most dangerous movement of our time, because it targets idealistic, enthusiastic college students and young professionals.

At first, the group appears to provide friendship, comfort and a sense of belonging through Christian fellowship to young people, many of whom are away from home and family for the first time. It has a track record of establishing itself in college communities throughout the country.

Ultimately, it seeks to control every aspect of members lives by using mind-control techniques to usurp the wills and resources of unsuspecting members.

Not unlike other groups now widely recognized as cults, from its inception, the ICOC has successfully employed mind-controlling techniques to destroy free thinking, independent decision making, and freedom of choice among its members by substituting, in its final stages, total obedience to its leadership.

Please be aware that this group is as dangerous as they are effective in growing their membership. It is important to all of us to do what we can to prevent the foothold this group is striving to gain in our community by discouraging anyone you know from becoming involved in this group.


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