Excerpts from "What does the Boston movement Teach?"

By Jerry Jones, Th.D.

Kip McKean said: "To not have discipleship is to be rebellious to God and to the leadership of the congregation" 1988 Leadership Conference in Boston.

Scott Green said: "To have the attitude that 'Listen, I want you to be an obedient disciple, I want you to do what I say because this is the pattern of God.' Listen, unless you got that person's trust, they are not going to want to obey. So we need to talk about trust, produce friendship; this will produce disciples who want to obey." 1988 Leadership Conference.

Kip McKean teaches: "The person that you are discipling must believe, must trust that you are out for God and their best interest. Because you see there is going to be some advice they will not understand. But if they trust that you are out for God and their best interest they will obey… they must believe emphatically that your judgment is better than theirs….Friendship which builds trust which allows you to be able to guide them and to mold their lives." 1988 Leadership Conference in Boston.

In an article called 'Because You Say So,' written by Ed Townsend, who was discipled by Al Baird, he writes: "In order to be discipled by others a person must have a trusting heart, one that listens even when it doesn't fully comprehend or see the end result. Proverbs 3:5 teaches: 'Lean not on your own understanding.'…Do you trust those discipling you? Do you trust beyond the point of your own understanding?Teachability and trust always leads to total obedience….the proof is always obedience. Do you fully obey when you're given direction and instruction or do you interpret, filter or revise what you hear? If we are really going to learn from others, we must decide to fully obey."

At the June 1987 Atlanta Leadership Conference Jim Blough, who was discipled by Kip McKean, explained: "Let me tell you my attitude towards Kip. Let me explain to you. You know, I may have a good quality here and there, occasionally. If you look hard enough, you can find one in almost everyone, you know. But I believe this. I believe if I could become exactly like Kip, I'll be a whole lot more useful to God than I am by myself. Do you know what I'm saying? I believe that. You know what I do? I humbled myself before Kip. Kip says, 'Okay.' I don't argue, I don't question; I do it. Why? Because I want to be more effective for God."

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