International Churches of Christ Visitor Comments

"I was a recruit of the ICOC in Toronto. The tactics they use to recruit and disciple people are coercive. I would not to give in to their manipulative tactics and quit. After doing some extensive research it seems my decision to leave has been reaffirmed. Your webpage was the first that I visited and the information provided is very helpful."

"I would like to thank you for your web page. I too was drawn into the London Church of Christ, but was only there for a few days before I looked it up on the Internet, as it sounded a little bit heavy. Even though I was there for a short time, it really disturbed me. The problem now is that my flat mate has become too involved and I do not know how to prove to him that they are in fact a cult! This type of group is wrong and should be banned. They embrace you within a social environment, which is supposedly backed up by 'the bible.' People don't immediately realise that the cult is in effect brainwashing and misleading. A group like this should be investigated more rigorously by government, as they are far too dangerous to be ignored. Especially with the growing number of members that are continuing to be introduced to it every day."

"Many thanks for all the information about the International Church of Christ. I'm a researcher and am investigating this 'church.' I hope that the leaders are honest and answer my questions. Great job with this site."

"I want to thank you for having your website about the 'Boston Church of Christ' (aka International Church of Christ). In 1989 I got sucked up into that cult and spent a year of my life in it. But by the grace of God, got out of there. I was in the San Diego church, and realized after a few months that they really distorted what Jesus taught. At this point in my life, I am studying mind control techniques, including those used by that cult."

"I strongly agree with this website's material--great stuff! I am now trying to move on with my life after involvement with the ICC [in England]. Thanks a lot. I've read your articles. What got me out, apart from sites like this one, was that four years ago my dad died and then this past June my mum died. I had enough of them telling me my parents had gone to hell and so I quit! "

"Thank you much for your Web site that exposes cults. I am currently being heavily recruited by the Los Angeles Church Of Christ. My neighbor is a member of that group. Your site has so many articles on them I'll never read them all. The information is accurate. My curiosity about them has been satisfied. I am cutting my connection today by canceling any further 'Bible Studies.'"

"Your web page offers what I think is an unbiased representation of the bad press that this movement has garnered. I was present in 1987 at a hotel in north Atlanta when Kip Mckean and Andy Lindo swept down from Boston like Moses from Mount Sinai to 'establish' the Atlanta Church of Christ and [to] essentially dismember the Atlanta Highlands Church of Christ. I remember the requirement of 'counting the cost' meetings, which were necessary for admission into the church. I overheard one skeptical member ask another if she had 'had her interview yet.' The atmosphere in that room reeked of evil and I will never forget it."

"I am a freshman at a University. I decided to go to a Bible Study since I am a Christian and wanted to make Christian friends, but everything started to feel all wrong. Every time I would read the Bible with one of them I would leave in tears. I broke down and called my parents and my pastor from home. After talking and crying for hours I realized that there was something wrong with this group. My father called a local Church of Christ and asked about the 'International Church of Christ'. It was then that we found out it was a cult.

"I am fine and stronger in my faith then ever and I do not plan on going back to their group, but I am worried that this group is on my campus. I do not want to see others drawn in. They have a table at club day and use classrooms for their discussions. I feel something needs to be done but I do not know what. As a Christian I can not stand by and do nothing. I was lucky to come from a strong Christian family and church so that I could see their false interpretations of the Bible but others may not be as lucky".

"I suppose you get thanks all the time for your efforts in investigating those groups that would hurt or attempt to destroy the family, but from my heart to yours--thank you for your speedy reply and incredible resource of information. You may have saved my daughters life--both physical and spiritual!

After reading your information I contacted my daughter and in fact forwarded your Web site to her. Her eyes were immediately opened to what the [International] Church of Christ was trying to do and in her hurt and confusion she cried out to the Lord for help. It was a great time of healing when we were all together. I am confident that she will be all right--she is much more enlightened because of the material you have on the web. She read quite lot of it prior to us [talking]--even highlighted passages that were in your material.Again, my sincere, humble thanks"!

"I would like to thank you for your Web site. There must have been an angel watching over me, or I might have been sucked into the International Church of Christ. Your information was very helpful".

"I hung around with this group for about a year. Happy to say that I never 'counted the cost'--which [is what they said I needed to do] before I could really accept Jesus and be baptized. In retrospect I see that they used Jesus like a carrot in front of a hungry mule. I had a very close friend that stayed with this group for more than 7 years and sad to say her mind has been so distorted that she has strange/extreme paranoia. I feel that church put her in some strange box that drove her mad. I know how insipid their 'love bombing' can be and how they surround you with support--yet the truth is my friend probably just found herself terribly alone in a crowded church. Ironically she is out of contact with that church now, but still has to live with the detrimental effects of all those years. Thanks for your research, It gives me peace to know that through such information others may be spared. God bless you, your family and your work."

"Thank you very much for your web page. It was very helpful in my decision to leave the Toronto Church of Christ. I did not realize that there are other people in the same situation as me. Your page has answered many of my questions. You have encouraged me to continue to open my eyes."

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