of ICC Sin Lists

________ - Mega-weak; may not have become disciples at all; ________ was recently unfaithful; He is emotionally numb; and she has abused him verbally; 3 years Xians; ________ and ________ studied with; Lots of bad dynamics here; married four years; early 30's.

________ - about 30, Xians 2 years; she real sensitive and accused (bad rel with dad); she very open and wants to grow but struggles with accusation; He ex-Navy submarine guy from Texas; Passion for faith but not enough to love people; He maintains condo units; both are overweight and he esp. undisciplined; marriage strained but they resolve conflict; sex relationship weak.


Single Women

________ - very independent; almost blind; student at NE for physical training; in late 30's, christian a long time; not too open; sort of a mystery.

________ - real quiet, very professional black sister; peaceful and calm; abusive family background; going steady but relationship struggling. . . .

________ - single mom, gives impression of calmness but is unsubmissive and rebellious; 6 yr. old son; she in mid-20's; has anorexic background; live alone with son; goes to school and works part-time; Xian for 1 yr.

________ - Sharp, professional engineer; about 30; Xian for 6 years; Intimidates men because of position and sharpness, but not manner; She is pretty reserved; discouraged right now because of fruitlessness and dating relationship; outstanding girl.

________ - from Tampa, single mom; baptized in '81; is about 32, Has several kids, but only daughter with her (9 years old). Never married; black; very independent; comes across as uneducated but is sharp (accounting job--good one); has been fruitful in past but not lately.

________ - concerned about her; doing badly in household; relationships bad; not asked out enough; guys in world asking her out; -22; Christian 1.5 yrs; secretarial type work. Concerned list now; disputes over a borrowed/loaned car.
  • In addition to the congregational sin lists is there a "concerned list" as well? What other lists does the ICC compile to keep track of its members without their knowledge?
________ - Lives alone, doing well, strong character overall, Lab technician at Raytheon, about 30, Xian for 3 years, didn't do well living with other sisters (has cats plus attitudes); needs boyfriend!

________ - converted in Paris two yrs ago; 37; divorced with no kids; very sharp woman; performance oriented; emotionally dependent and needy; volatile and strong--hits brothers hard (needs to understand grace); executive secretary

Single Men

________ - 31; single; lives alone; studied couple of years back; lots of psych problems--on lithium, paranoia skitzophrenia [sic]; just quit job Dominoes Pizza; ________ is his best friend

________ - 30; college FB player; accountant; very sharp; Xian since Fall of '87; He found out about her pre-marriage abortion just before she baptized--hasn't been same since. Dull spiritually; hot guy businesswise.

________ - sharp, open; very good, as with ________ very generous; husband hurts her; she is doing great; very outgoing.


Single Men

________ - Bapt. in NE campus ministry; rebaptized; knows the jargon but hard-hearted; hard to live with on a daily basis; lots of attention--is bearing with the weak or putting up with sin? wnat [sic] to move when finishes his second degree in June; very sporadic; 30ish.

________ - knows what to do, but heart level motivation is tough; doesn't give away his heart not totally open; two of his closest friends fell away; one here, one Chicago, one [unreadable] W.

________ - accused legalist; hard time getting forgiveness; Masters degree with engineering; critical of self and others, about 25 or 26; very talented.

________ - dependable guy, but dull and low-key as a leader; not very open. . . .

Single Women

________ - Xian 3 years, tied in closely (too) ________. Had lesbian background with coast guard woman before conversion, doing well spiritually

________ - growing but pretty insecure; improving a lot but needs work on discipline and building relationships.

________ - very unusual, almost split personality (Jeckly/Hyde); didn't speak until five years old; can be very warm or very vicious; needs challenge/help; 32; works for medical co.

________ - insurance sales/service rep; real insecure about 25; goody two shoes when young; very uptight about how people see her. Throws temper tantrums, a problem, sincere enough but feels hopeless and gets critical.

________ - steady, joyful, etc. but self-righteous; Xian 2 years, large family with her in the middle works for Sheridon, almost 31 (looks young) conflict avoider.

________ - 28; Xian 2 yrs; live with the Jankas; very prim and proper family but she Totally rebelled; immature but heart changing; people pleaser and insecure; lazy. . . .

  • Some ICC members have maintained that the "sin lists" were merely prayer requests. Does the above list resemble prayer requests?

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