IHOP leaders deny - again - that the church is really a cult

The Pitch, Kansas City/September 2, 2009

Leaders of the International House of Prayer met with the public for the second time (we covered the first), and it doesn't sound like a lot came out of the meeting other than more denials from church founder Mike Bickle that his church isn't a cult.

KSHB Channel 41 attended the star-studded meeting (Cathy Jolly! John Sharp! Alvin Brooks!). The highlight: Neighbor Carmen Kelly said the kids all seem "brainwashed." Kelly said:

"They all kind of talk the same. They speak in monotone. I've had some of them follow me around."

Bickle disagreed.

"If they were brainwashed, then they would be listening to me telling them to stop doing that," Bickle said. "I'm really against that kind of stuff."

Good to know Bickle is against his people creepily following people around.

Note to KSHB's Larry Seward: This was the second public forum by IHOP leaders.

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