Police found pills inside Sedona sweat lodge leader's suitcase

KGUN 9 News, Tucson/January 4, 2010

New information on the man who was in charge of a sweat lodge ceremony that led to the deaths of three people in Sedona. James Arthur Ray may have been using more than just "positive thinking" to maintain his youthful appearance..

Police photos reveal a large number of dietary supplements, prescription drugs and anabolic steroids in Ray's suitcase. Police also found human growth hormones. Doctors say the drugs can be very dangerous.

"It's fairly well documented that testosterone alone can some how impair or alter your decision-making processes. He was injecting a testosterone form that lasts for a very long time in the body that could certainly contribute to steroid-induced behavior," said Dr. David Kroll.

Newly-released documents on the incident show Ray aggressively pushed his followers. He is now at the center of a homicide investigation.

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