Sr. Reporter: James Arthur Ray launches new show

Arizona Daily Reporter/April 23, 2010

James Ray is at it again, according to an email I received today (copied below), launching a new effort to re-start his career as a self-help guru.

Should his critics and victims wish him financial success or failure? I've been wondering about that question as Ray attempts to recapture a following and, more importantly, restart his cash flow.

His latest effort was announced today - "Living in the Flow Radio," a subscription-only weekly program on the Internet. See the announcement below, complete with a reduced price for a few days only!

A lot of people resent Ray for leading followers into the sweat lodge near Sedona, where three died and more were injured, some severely. And many criticize him as a fraud using hard-sell tactics and psychological manipulation.

But there are also a lot of people out of money that they say Ray owes them. A class-action suit has been filed on behalf of those who had prepaid him tens of thousands of dollars or more for future events. And then there are those who hope to collect for the medical bills or damages suffered during the sweat lodge, including one woman from Southern Arizona.

How are they going to be paid if Ray doesn't make some money? Ray says he's out of money. So it's a bit of a dilemma, I think. Those who claim to be his victims won't get the money they think they deserve unless he makes some, but apparently the only way he can is by being the same old James Ray, whom they view as a money-grubbing fraud.

Here's the email:

Dear Tim,

I'm please to announce that starting May 3, 2010 I'm going to be working with Business Broadcasting to begin my new live internet radio show called "Living in the Flow." Each and every week you can connect and interact with me live to learn new insights, principles, and tools...

Here's just a few of the principles and practices we'll explore:

- How to utilize adversities to create the life you desire...

- How to feel a sense of total peace and certainty... no matter what comes your way...

- What true wealth really means--and how to have it immediately...

- The lessons, tools, and principles that your challenges teach you...

- How to overcome nagging fears and limitations once and for all...

- The fundamental factors that will help you flow elegantly through any difficulty...

- The continuous cycle of life, and how to create lasting happiness, wealth and fulfillment...

- What it means to be a modern day alchemist; and how to implement ancient principles to create a magical life...

- And much more!

Each week we'll meet at the same time and place to learn and grow. Because, it's a live broadcast you'll be able to bring your biggest challenges and questions; and I'll share principles and practices to personally help you flow elegantly through them.

Oh, and by the can listen to the live broadcast on your computer, cell or, telephone! And, each and every broadcast is archived so you can study these life-changing lessons and conversations again and again and again.

I truly hope you'll join me in "Living in the Flow" and create a meaningful and masterful life.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you in every way.

Click Here to Reserve your space Now!

Much love and respect,

James Arthur Ray

P.S. For a handful of days only we're offering you $58 off the normal investment of $97 when you become one of the first members of "Living in the Flow." That's right, you can get 4 full weeks per month for only $39... and it'll stay at this low investment FOREVER... but you must act fast! Just enter special code: flow102

P.P.S. To help you make your decision to join me in the exclusive "Living in the Flow," we're offering an additional special introductory opportunity. Participate for one full month for only $1.94! That's a $95.00 savings! Once again enter special code: flow102.

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