James Arthur Ray to hold seminar in Scottsdale

CBS News 5, Arizona/August 22, 2014

By Laura Malpert

Scottsdale, Arizona -- Five years after three people died during a sweat lodge ceremony led by James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru is holding a seminar in the Valley.

Ray spent nearly two years in prison for negligent homicide convictions, but nothing in his conditions of release prohibits him from holding self-help seminars or sweat lodge ceremonies.

That deadly incident happened in October 2009 in Sedona.

People entered a tarp covered lodge filled with heated rocks for spiritual cleansing. In the end, three people died.

Since Ray's release from prison, he set up a new website and donned a new look.

He's also been hosting live seminars and conducting webinars.

On his website he refers to the Sedona incident as an accident.

That concerns Ginny Brown, mother of victim Kirby Brown. She's afraid Ray never learned from his mistakes.

"I still think he's dangerous because he doesn't understand that his actions actually make these deaths inevitable, so without understanding that, he could potentially do similar things that would endanger people," said Brown.

Only ticket holders know exactly where the seminar is being held in the valley this weekend. The location isn't listed on Ray's website or social media posts.

It appears you have to pay almost $300 for a one-day seminar, or almost $500 for two days to find out exactly where it is.

CBS 5 News tried contacting Ray for comment, but have not heard back from him.

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