Kin of JCF students set to file charges

Parents say their children are brainwashed - JCF officials hit DepEd, promised free schooling abroad

Cebu Sun Star/January 31, 2005

Parents of Jesus Christ Followers (JCF) students will file charges against the school because of the adverse changes in their children's behavior.

This developed even as around 15 JCF pupils were placed under the protective custody of the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD).

It was learned that separate charges will also be filed Monday in connection with the violent confrontation between the school officials and the authorities that resulted to injuries on the part of the policemen.

Some parents admitted that apparent changes in their children's behavior since they started studying at JCF as they complained about the disrespect shown to them by their kids.

An aunt said her niece had been thoroughly brainwashed.

"Bisan patyon pa na sila dili pa makabayad sa perhisyo nga ilang gihatag sa amo...gidaut nila ang kaugmaon sa mga bata (Even if they are killed, this could not compensate for the trouble they have done to us)," according to the child's aunt.

One of the victims whose name is withheld to protect her privacy was enrolled at JCF but is now under the custody of her aunt.

The victim's father recalled that her daughter was attending classes at the school last year but they decided to transfer her last June in Wao, Lanao del Sur.

Without their knowledge

The JCF allegedly refused to hand over the child's school records despite repeated requests by her aunt to facilitate her transfer.

Last January 24, it was learned that one of the JCF administrators Rhapsody Dacudao went to Wao and brought the victim back with her to Davao City without her aunt's knowledge.

Drastic efforts were made by Jane's relatives to locate her even if it entailed huge expenses. Their search efforts wound up empty and the JCF administrators denied any knowledge of the victim's disappearance.

"Akong giingnan nga dire ra nato na pangitaon sa JCF kay naa ra na dire...natingala ko sa akong anak kay mosukol na man sa amo (I told them [the relatives] that we should look for her at the JCF because I believe she's there...I was taken by surprise because my daughter won't respect us anymore)," the father said.

"Kidnapping na ilang gihimo sa bata kay ila man nga gidala nga wala kami masayod (What they have done to the child amounted to kidnapping because they took her without our knowledge)," he said.

The father confirmed his daughter's presence in the JCF compound after the incident on Friday, but her daughter won't return to him. He is set to file criminal charges against JCF administrators.

CSWD assistant head Marissa Tagarda promised assistance to the children saying the parents would regain custody of their child after charges are filed against JCF.


As this developed, JCF administrator Emelinda Tiongco described the educational system set up by the Department of Education (DepEd) as "garbage."

Tiongco defended their actions saying these are aimed at giving their pupils a high standard of education.

The JCF administrator also lashed out at DepEd trained teachers claiming that their educational level is only equivalent to their Grade Three pupils.

Tiongco, who is now detained at the Maharlika Detention Center, however admitted that their teachers are not education graduates.

The JCF official also promised their students free college education abroad upon finishing the secondary school.

She claimed there are personalities willing to shoulder the children's educational expenses outside the country.

The JCF has no license to operate from the DepEd.

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