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Thank you once again for the wonderful work you did with our daughter. We can't thank you enough for your comprehensive and thorough intervention...and for being sensitive to an knowledgeable about our Christian beliefs..."

"My brother" was caught up in a cult. He had totally been brainwashed and acted like a three year old boy. It was horrible. My parents got Rick Ross to come to our house for an intervention. My brother is now a successful man who owns his own house and is totally back to himself. It took a while, but I believe that if it was not for the intervention, our family would have lost him completely."

"Rick you are a true angel to anyone that has the opportunity to meet you. You are so knowledgeable in so many things--it's so amazing. Of course, without you we wouldn't have anything to celebrate today. You are doing such great work in the world, restoring people to being whole and giving them a life back. You should feel very blessed to have so many families that consider you a part of theirs because you gave them a very important piece of theirs back."

"[Our son] is doing fine. He is now married to a beautiful young lady and has a good job. He is turning out to be a fine young man thanks to you. He doesn't talk much about his experience with the "Assembly," but isn't afraid to say anything when someone asks about it. Rick, you came to our rescue when we needed your help the most and we will never forget it. We try to do what we can to spread the word to as many people as possible about our experience with the cults."

"You came some time ago to help me with my son and daughter-in-law who were in the Children of God and on their way to Russia. Well they left the cult last year after writing the leadership questions as you suggested. You were so great with my son and his wife--you changed their lives and mine! Thank you."

"We just completed the intervention with Mr. Ross, and we were very pleased. We liked the gentle and attentive manner with which Mr.Ross handled our son, coupled with the enormous amount of material he presented in an organized and logical manner. He is a wonderful resorce for families such as ours".

"Words can never express our gratefulness for the time you spent with us…during the intervention. I think it was the most intense period of time we've ever been through. You have brought so much happiness into our lives."

"We are very grateful to you for your helping G. get her life straightened out. Thanks Rick. We can never say how grateful we all are for you helping G. through this experience."

"Thanks again for your help getting A. out of Potter's House. She is her old self again. It's great to go shopping with her or talk about movies or just relax with her. It's incredible to think how much control they had over her."

"K. has calmed down, seems very happy and enjoys his work. He meets with a deaf youth group. I don't know what we would have done without your help. You do an excellent job, with great intelligence, patience and best of all, a gentle sense of humor. Thanks so very much again for all you did for us."

"My experience in the process of removing my daughter from the Boston Church of Christ was to say the least a nasty education. You have shown me a picture of various groups…with insidious aims. I am extremely grateful for your competence, depth of expertise and your methods used to extricate my daughter's mind."

"I can never thank you enough for giving is back our daughter. We are truly amazed at your knowledge, but the best was your character and spirit. You were tough when it was needed but always in a compassionate and caring way. You always upheld M,'s dignity and clearly helped her maintain her self respect. For that we are very and forever grateful."

 "I suppose you get thanks all the time for your efforts in investigating those groups that would hurt or attempt to destroy the family, but from my heart to yours--thank you for your speedy reply and incredible resource of information. You may have saved my daughters life--both physical and spiritual!

After reading your information I contacted my daughter and in fact forwarded your Web site to her. Her eyes were immediately opened to what the [International] Church of Christwas trying to do and in her hurt and confusion she cried out to the Lord for help. It was a great time of healing when we were all together. I am confident that she will be all right--she is much more enlightened because of the material you have on the web. She read quite lot of it prior to us [talking]--even highlighted passages that were in your material.Again, my sincere, humble thanks"!

"It has been a year now since you were here, and I wanted to let you know we are all doing fine. [Our son] graduated with highest honors, even gave the benediction and invocation at the ceremonies, we were so proud of him! Rick, thank you so much for helping us"!

"You will never know how much we really appreciate you and what you have done for us. Thank you so much Rick for helping us get our son back".