Cult manual resembles scare tactic bible

Japan Times, December 1, 1999

Honohana Sanpogyo's so-called foot diagnosticians used a manual to persuade people to undergo the religious sect's expensive "training" sessions, informed sources alleged Wednesday.

The manual was submitted to the Tokyo District Court during a damages suit by former followers, claiming it is evidence of the systematic fraud the cult engaged in.

Honohana is currently being sued by 1,100 former followers.

The document, "A training manual for foot diagnosticians," instructs the diagnosticians to instill fear in the people whose soles they are "reading" by claiming they may commit suicide or suffer cancer if they do not take the sect's training sessions, which cost more than 2 million yen to join, the sources alleged.

The manual also suggests that it is important to "stun people" by looking at their feet and telling them their blood is bad.

It also suggests that diagnosticians tell people their bodies cannot be placed in coffins when they die, their businesses will fail in a few months or their lives will be unsuccessful, unless they undergo the cult's sessions.

According to the manual, the soles of feet provide an insight into physical conditions, state of mind, future well-being and the lives of ancestors.

It recommends that people be urged to "take one's head off," or abandon their ego, through the sessions, in order to solve all their problems.

The cult has denied the manual was systematically used, claiming it was written privately by one of the group's senior members.

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