France 3 documentary: "Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus"

France 3 documentary: "Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus"/May 24, 2004
Directed by Karima Tabti


(65 minutes French with English subtitles)

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English subtitles complete transcript

Elise Lucet, Host/Moderator Laurent Richard.

Alain Roth, Landmark Education, head France

Sophie McLean, Landmark spokesperson

Jean-Pierre Jougal, Attorney, French Cult Expert

Jean-Marie Abgrall, Psychiatrist

Jean-Pierre Brard, Deputy Mayor, Montreuil, France

Christian Lujan, Social psychologist, Psychoanalyst

Jocelyne Berthelot, Landmark volunteer

Mona Vasquez, former member of Scientology

Laurent Mournais, former Landmark student

Brigitte Thelier, former Landmark student

Pierre, anonymous former Landmark student

Editing by Pascal Richard, Lionel de Coninck

Distributed by France 3, Pieces a Conviction


This French documentary goes inside the Landmark Education Forum in Paris to film it firsthand with hidden cameras. After this documentary was broadcast nationally in France Landmark left the country.

    • Watch and experience for yourself the Forum.

    • See a French Forum leader bring a woman to tears, after berating her before a crowded room of Forum participants. He calls her an "asshole" and taunts the woman while she is crying.

    • A “brainwashing expert” explains how Landmark “breaks a person” and labels its methods "totalitarian."

    • Learn why the French consider Landmark a "sect."

    • See a former Scientologist compare Landmark to her "sect."

    • Landmark’s method of “education” is labeled “emotional abuse.”

  • See Landmark “volunteers” doing everything from working the phones to scrubbing the bathroom floor for free.

Host Elise Lucet

Left, former Scientologist

Forum woman cries

unhappy Landmark customer

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