"Not interested in people--but only money"


May 25, 1999
By someone who signed up

Just a short story about my "Landmark" experience.

I signed up for the "Forum" about a year ago and had to cancel because my daughter's graduation was changed and it interfered with the Forum dates. They hounded me on the phone and even went so far as to suggest that it would be more important to attend the "Forum" than her graduation, I should have seen what was happening then, but put it aside.

Anyway, I signed up again for a Forum. They called and I filled out the form and strange things started to happen. I would get calls from several people all wanting the same information that had already been provided, either in writing or via telephone. I became concerned about the redundant nature of the calls and could not understand why the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing--especially in a multi-million dollar organization (or is that CORP!).

So anyway, Landmark called about a week and a half-ago and said I wasn't paid, I told them I hadn't received an invoice and they said it would be sent that day--a week passes and no invoice. Another call and this time they are insistent--so I send the check without an invoice but put a USPS tracking tag on it ($ 0.35, good investment). Another call and they say they didn't receive the "money" and they "must have payment by Friday or "NO FORUM"--so I check the tracking number on the Internet through the USPS and it was delivered about 5 days previous.

Now I'm a bit pissed about the fact that they can't manage to do anything right and so I start an Internet search (should have done that a LOOOOONG time ago) and find your page(s), what an eye opener. These people are certainly not interested in "people" (as they say) but only "MONEY."

What a sham of an organization!

Weak, scared, and sick sheep huddling in the center of what they think will save them from the realities of life" That's my perspective on the "Landmark Education" people.


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