"Heartbroken...because the man I've been in love with...swallowed by Landmark Forum."

January 1, 2008

I write to you heartbroken today because the man I've been in love with for 8 months has suddenly been swallowed by Landmark Forum.

Right now I can't even understand...who is this man, that he could be sucked into something as ridiculous and insane as Landmark? This is the man I was in love with? Am I the crazy one??

I've sent him REAMS of information, much of it from your site, about people who have been damaged by Landmark. He has responded by ignoring all of it and pouring his hard earned money into this "Quick Fix" hole of deceitful self absorption. It's nauseating to watch, and now to hear him spouting Landmark jargon at me is too much to bear.

He now believes life is meaningless and empty. He believes people are no more than "stories" and "rackets." How can he fall for this? What is he getting out of it? He's so confused by life that he needs to believe these simplistic bullshit jargon-saturated sales pitches?

It makes me sick.

I've known about est all my life, but I swear, I thought it was shut down and over with. I had no idea it lives on in so many horrible manifestations. LIfespring and Landmark, even the movie The Secret. What intolerable garbage.

I am so grateful that you have created this remarkable resource for people who are suddenly coping with the loss (like the Body Snatchers) of someone they love to one of these sinister and evil businesses of mind control. If nothing else, we need support. It seems there is no way to get through to people who are getting sucked in. All we can do it watch in horror.

I've read the Landmark website, I know exactly what they preach, and just how they trap you and make money off your confusion and desperate need to feel "at ease."

Well, as his ex girlfriend, I am no longer "at ease." Amazingly, this really doesn't seem to faze him. The man who once loved me more than anything now finds it very easy to disregard me and ignore me.

I guess he's being his new "authentic" self.

Copyright 2008 Rick Ross

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