"Landmark Education won't be seeing me or my money again"

August 2000
By an Australian graduate

I completed the Forum in September 1998 and then decided to go on and do their "Curriculum for Living." After completing the "Advanced Course" and the "Self Expression & Leadership Program" I believed this was the beginning of finding myself, but actually looking back now it was just something that cost me $1,200.00 (Australian dollars) instead.

Shortly after completing these courses, I received a phone call from a "Landmark Groupie" who encouraged me to sign up for two more courses called "Communication Access to Power " (CAPP). I declined though explaining that I had my fill of Landmark for awhile and could not afford more. But that Landmark devotee called back, as she was in the middle of another course and a "membership drive". I told her again I had no money, but the response was that "once you bring something into reality you will find a way." I had heard some good things about CAPP--so I gave Landmark my Credit Card number. But it was declined--so I went to the bank and withdrew $100.00 and paid them cash for my deposit.

The deadline for final payment rolled around, but I was unable to pay the balance. I rang Landmark to see if I could pull out, but they talked me into switching over to the later course date instead. I then decided to pay the remaining $375.00 through installments and sent in another $100.00

After some time it became clear I was not going to be able to attend this course either. I rang Landmark and asked for the second $100 to be returned (the first $100 the deposit was non-refundable). They said this was no problem. However, I did not receive that refund after some months. They also would not return my phone calls. And many times when I called the office no one in finance appeared willing to speak to me.

Recently I finally talked with someone at Landmark and was told that my refund would be ready in a week and I could come by and pick it up at their office. But when that day rolled around everything changed--now they cited a new set of rules. It seems my second payment (like the initial deposit) was also not refundable. Because somehow when I shifted my course schedule to a later date, even though the people at Landmark had encouraged me to do this, the now claimed my second payment was considered an initial deposit for a new course and not as an installment. And therefore nothing was refundable.

If they had informed me of this policy initially I would never have sent them more money.

Of course Landmark's office kindly advised me that I now have a $100.00 credit good for one year if I decide to enroll in another course. However, Landmark Education won't be seeing me or my money again.


Copyright © 2000 Rick Ross

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