"This cannot be healthy emotionally"

November 2001
By a former Landmark participant

I participated in several courses at Landmark Education. Recently, I began to reflect upon everything that happened there. I have visited your site several times.

I met some really great people there, which included other participants, coaches, assistants and leaders from many different backgrounds. But ultimately it seemed suspicious, when I had time away by myself to reflect. The type of thinking Landmark encourages is often disturbing. Landmark does appear to make people dependent. After awhile being involved there, it seems that you begin to think, only through Landmark can you get more from life. And you can never get enough "breakthroughs." They change personalities and break meaningful personal boundaries. This cannot be healthy emotionally.

Landmark appears mainly interested in its own profits. It also teaches an exclusive philosophy that essentially says, "We make the difference, which therapists, other philosophies, scientists can't really provide. About 25 to 50% of their courses and seminars are largely about enrolling others or enrolling yourself for the next course. Landmark must make an awful lot of money and without paying its plentiful volunteers that staff seminars.

A year ago I had a really bad experience with a Landmark leader. But as always I thought this was my fault or "racket." I don't want to repeat what he said, but I cried and felt sick for two days. This has never happened to me in a job situation. That exchange caused me to have nightmares.

Now I have distanced myself from Landmark and my experiences there. Today I lead a completely independent life. I have found a new partner, built healthy relationships with my family and sustained a successful career. And all without Landmark. They taught me that this would be virtually impossible without them. Such positive benefits can be gained, often through meaningful professional help or simply by good personal friendships.

Copyright © 2001 Rick Ross.

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