"I'm glad I did research before I got sucked into this thing"

January 1998

By an almost attendee at Landmark/Forum

I have a friend of mine who has been involved and even signed me up--despite my skepticism and wanting to investigate it further. After threatening legal action I was able to get them to refund his charge card...they would NOT stop calling.

I was able to have a long, heart-to-heart/non-confrontational discussion with my friend and let him know why I did not care to be involved and what the facts & stories were on the Forum. He was very open and said that he is done with the sessions (no more to take) and also that he will investigate the organization further. He was glad that I had expressed my concern for him and his family. I told him that if the tables were turned I would want the same from him--because we both care about each other.

We are still close. I was ready to put our friendship on the line because I was so against this, but knew I had to do something. Doing nothing is condoning it and accepting it in my mind.

I'm glad I did research before I got sucked into this thing. Your Web site was an enormous help. I was able to use some of the contents with my friend.

Copyright © 1999 Rick Ross

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