An Indian Landmark Graduate prays "that not many people fall into their trap"

May 17, 2005
By a Landmark Forum graduate

I attended the Landmark Forum and the Landmark advanced course in India, but am now am fully away from it.

I was introduced to the Forum by one of my family friends. He explained to me that I would be identifying the dark spots in life and that my life would be changed. The " looking good " factor crept in and I attended an introduction and then registered.

I attended the forum for all the three days, which meant going through the day with improper food at improper intervals and brainwashing [sic]. I didn't realize that I would become part of a cult group [sic].

I registered for the advanced course also, but there was a gap of about three months between because of my exams. I attended the advanced course and I started realizing that I was getting into the trap.

I didn't register for the next level of their courses. I started getting calls on my mobile phone at home and at my office from different people. This made me more suspicious about their motives. I started avoiding them by not picking up the call on my mobile (Thanks to the Caller line identification) or telling them that I was very busy and would call back later and put the phone immediately down.

They started saying things like you are running your "racket."

Because of work, I moved away from the city that I was living and that brought it to an end to Landmark Education in my life. All this happened about years ago.

In my opinion their concepts are good but they make the participant highly vulnerable psychologically. If a person is not strong psychologically then it is a risk.

The participants are made to give more importance to Landmark than their work or family, which spoils their personal life. Because of the social obligations that exist in this part of the world many Landmark "employees" still have people living with them.

I feel happy that because of me none of my friends, relatives ever joined in Landmark education.

Let me pray that not many people fall into their trap.


Copyright © 2005 Rick Ross.

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