Statement from CF Foundation Care Center Committee Regarding Mannatech Optimal Health Products and Glyconutrients 28, 2006

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Care Center Committee, a select group of physicians who provide expert care for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and set accreditation standards for CF care centers, reviewed available materials pertaining to the use of glyconutrients* to treat CF.

The committee found no scientific evidence to support the claims of benefit of glyconutrient therapy in CF. The committee believes that these unsupported claims may mislead CF patients and result in the adoption of an unproven therapy and possible replacement of proven therapies.

Mannatech Optimal Health Products (OHP), a glyconutrient manufacturer, submitted a letter of intent for grant support. It was evaluated through the CF Foundation’s peer review process, where it was rejected for lack of scientific basis merit. Suggestions for improvement were shared with the applicant. To date, the CF Foundation has not received a revised application and Mannatech has not pursued a clinical trial to prove safety and efficacy of these products. As patient advocates, the Care Center Committee strongly suggests that individuals with CF not adopt glyconutrient therapies without scientific evidence supporting their use. The committee strongly advises people with CF to consult their care center physician before introducing any new treatment or therapy to their healthcare regimen or before halting any existing therapy.

For more information about these types of therapies, please refer to the following Web sites: and

*The term "glyconutrients" refers to eight specific sugars (saccharides), which proponents say help form important compounds called glyconutrients in the body. Glycoproteins, such as digestive enzymes and antibodies, are sugar molecules attached to protein molecules.

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