Timeline of the EnCana pipeline bombings

The Edmonton Journal, Canada/January 9, 2010

Oct. 10, 2008: Media outlets in the Dawson Creek area receive a letter from someone demanding that oil and gas companies around Tomslake close down their operations. Oct. 12, 2008: First bomb site found by a hunter about 50 kilometres southeast of Dawson Creek.

Oct. 16, 2008: Second blast site discovered east of Dawson Creek about a half kilometre from the Alberta-B. C. border.

Oct. 31, 2008: Third explosion site discovered about 12 kilometres northwest of Tomslake.

Jan. 4, 2009: Fourth bomb damages the wall of a shed that houses part of a sour gas pipeline near Tomslake.

July 1, 2009: Fifth explosion discovered at well head near Pouce Coupe about five kilometres south of Dawson Creek.

July 4, 2009: Sixth bomb goes off at a pipeline near Pouce Coupe.

July 15, 2009: A second letter allegedly from the bomber gives EnCana three months to begin shutting down operations.

Jan. 8, 2010: RCMP arrest Wiebo Ludwig at a farm near Hythe.

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