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"I was doing some research on the old 'House of Yahweh' and ran across your page. I hit the 'play' button on the music midi--'Crazy,' what an excellent choice of tunes!"

"Several of the 'House of Yahweh' elders were dismissed because they questioned [Yisrayl Hawkin's] nonsense. He is supposed to be right up there with God now. People will never really understand the damage that place and that man has done to countless lives. I speak as a survivor--thank God that I got myself and my children out when I did. It took years to clear my head. Some of my older children are so bitter towards religion now. I saw so many marriages break up because of that place and so many families destroyed. I can only pray that you continue in your efforts to uncover [Yisrayl Hawkin's] foolishness."

"Yisrayl Hawkins, and his House of Yahweh 'prophecy'--have you read his literature lately? He predicted that this world would be devastated by nuclear bombs in late 1999 or early 2000. That did not happen. Then, last May he predicted that we have 'approximately five months to prepare'--because, according to him, the last three and one half years of mankind will begin October 2000. In 1997, when his prediction about the 'end of the world' failed--several of his ministers left."

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