Yogaville Legal Action: David Barrett 

July 28, 1999


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July 28, 1999

Matthew Cheng & Family
89-03 31st Avenue
East Elmhurst, NY 11369-1749

Dear Mr. Cheng:

Your letter dated June 1999 to "Friends of Integral Yoga International, Swami Satchidananda and/or Satchidananda Ashram at Yogaville, Virginia" has been recently passed on to me by a client of mine who had received it.

Your letter accuses me of lying to you.

I have never met you or spoken to you or any member of your family including your daughter. I have never engaged in negotiations with you or your representative. Yet, you irresponsibly sent a letter to many people stating that I lied to you. For your information, the laws in New York State regarding libel are explicit and it is my belief that I have sustained substantial monetary damages as well as damage to my professional reputation as a result of your sending such a libel to a community of people, many of whom are either present clients of mine or who may in the future become clients of mine.

In your desire to lash out, you have attacked the wrong person. Your libel of me has crossed the line. It is thereby demanded that you immediately rectify any damage which has been done by promptly complying with the following:

1. Preparing and sending a retraction and a correction as well as an apology.

2. Providing a list of people to whom the original letters were sent to so that I may verify that the new letter is sent to all of those people as well.

May I strongly suggest to you that in the future that you be more responsible in your communications. For your information, this is a letter on my personal behalf to you directly. Should

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I not receive a response from you within seven (7) days from the date of this letter, I may be required to take such further legal action as I deem fit to protect my rights and my reputation.

I await your prompt response.

Yours very-truly,




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