Health show stands by anti-Semite

'Excellent publicity,' organizer says

The Canadian Press/February 22, 2001
By Nate Hendley

Organizers of next month's Total Health show have refused to drop an anti-Semitic writer from their speakers list, triggering outrage among Jewish groups and conference sponsors.

As revealed by the National Post yesterday, Virginia author Eustace Mullins, who in his books has described Jews as "parasites" who control the world economy and murder Christian babies for blood rituals, is scheduled to speak on medical and financial monopolies at next month's show.

"At this point in time, Mr. Mullins will continue to participate in this event. Any decision to remove him from the program will have to be discussed by the board of directors," said a statement released yesterday by the Consumer Health Organization, the group putting on the show.

John Gardon, a founding member of the health organization, was defiant. "Do you think we're going to cancel a speaker?" Mr. Gardon said. "It's excellent publicity. People will come to hear his side of the story." His wife, Libby Gardon, president of the organization, said she has known Mr. Mullins for 15 years and never heard him make anti-Semitic remarks. "He's a respected author," she said. "He's a gentle man."

Mr. Mullins is to lecture on "The Rockefeller medical monopoly: the hidden forces behind the myths of modern medicine" and "Criminality in banking." The show, which runs March 17-18 at the Metro Convention Centre, showcases alternative medicines and natural health practices. This year's event is to have 70 speakers and 200 exhibits and demonstrations.

Tony Tavares, manager of the Omega Centre, which is co-sponsoring Total Health, expressed astonishment when told of Mr. Mullins' background. He said he would consider withdrawing his sponsorship if organizers could not give a satisfactory explanation as to why Mr. Mullins was invited to speak. "I don't support anti-Semitic views, and neither does this store," Mr. Tavares said.

A manager at Baldwin Naturals health food store, who did not wish to be identified, said her store might drop its sponsorship if Mr. Mullins is allowed to attend. "If he speaks, I won't," said Toronto troubadour Ben Kerr, who is scheduled to give a lecture on the benefits of cayenne pepper drinks.

Paul Hellyer, who served as deputy prime minister in the late 1960s and currently leads the Canadian Action Party, is scheduled to address the conference on the topic of globalization. Mr. Hellyer said he had "no truck or trade" with anti-Semitism and racism, but would "need more information" about Mr. Mullins before making any decision about dropping out.

The Canadian Jewish Congress has sent Ms. Gardon a 100-page document detailing their guest speaker's litany of bigoted statements. "It's important that the show's sponsors know who Eustace Mullins is," said Bernie Farber, executive-director of the Ontario branch of the congress.

Mr. Farber hopes the Consumer Health Organization will take the initiative and tell Mr. Mullins to stay home. "Once Ms. Gardon has all this information, she can't help but drop him from the show," Mr. Farber said. "They are weighted down by incontrovertible evidence of this man's anti-Semitism."

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