Group claims whites victims

San Francisco Examiner/June 5, 2002
By Adrienne Sanders

In multi-cultural San Francisco, there is one group that claims it hasn't received its fair share of attention. Its the same group that wiped out a majority of the indigenous people in the region. Don't tell that to Stephen A. McNallen.

"Right now, European Americans are invisible as a distinct group," said McNallen, president of the European/American Issues Forum.

"Everyone knows we're here, but we're not identified the way most other groups are."

The European/American Issues Forum is a local group spouting rhetoric very similar to another so-called civil rights group in Louisiana run by former Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.

Duke's racist organization is called the European-American Unity and Rights Organization.

"David Duke stole our name. He really did," said Louis Calabro, a retired SFPD lieutenant who founded the local white-rights group five years ago.

Calabro claimed his group doesn't support Duke and opposes segregation.

"I don't know what he does wrong," said Calabro. "I know when he was a kid, he did some KKK stuff. I think he was probably angry at Jewish people."

Non-Jews clash with Jews, Calabro said, because they're all competing for limited material resources.

And he defended Duke's ideas on white purity.

"The Jewish community demands of its own people that they don't marry (non-Jews)," he said. "Does that make them evil?"

Calabro operates out of a cramped San Bruno apartment piled high with books and papers. He attends local civil rights-police meetings to push his unpopular point.

He claims to combat discrimination against European Americans, whom he vaguely defines as having "a Western culture... the same type of government."

Somehow, European American Jews don't count in that equation. The Forum blames the Jewish watchdog group, the Anti-Defamation League, for excluding whites as a minority group, seeking to protect their own.

Calabro's latest gripe: the underreporting of hate crimes against whites.

The so-called civil rights group digs up data -- or invents it -- inflating the number of such offenses against whites.

"The most number of racially motivated hate crimes in the 20th Century happened in San Francisco and California and were directed against innocent people of European descent," wrote McNallen in a letter to Bay Area community leaders.

The Forum claims white people comprised the majority of hate crime victims in San Francisco in 1995-99. African Americans, Calabro said, were the most common perpetrators. Politics and influential Jewish organizations prevent authorities and the press from reporting the truth, he said.

Although it sounds similar to the preachings of hatemonger Duke, Calabro has a point: the public pays little attention to anti-white hate crimes.

But his numbers are bunk, said Inspector Anna Brown, with the San Francisco Police Department's Hate Crimes Unit,

"I have no idea where he gets those statistics," said Brown, who added that the majority of racially motivated hate-crimes here are white on black and vice versa. "I'd say it's pretty even."

And, nationally, whites comprise a miniscule percentage of race-based hate crime victims.

Calabro counts 300 members in his organization, including Matt Drudge, but those familiar with it, doubt the claim.

"I don't know who the other members are," said Brown. "There are only two who have been present at meetings."

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