Self-Proclaimed 'Anti-American Terrorist' Arrested

KDKA News, Pittsburgh/May 27, 2009

He's a former neo-Nazi, but now he calls himself an anti-American terrorist, spewing hate on the internet from his apartment in Crafton.

But now Hardy Lloyd is in jail.

Lloyd calls himself, "The Wolf," - an anti-American terrorist, espousing the killing of police officers whom he calls, "the front-line troops against the people."

To that end, on his internet radio program, Lloyd praised the actions of alleged police killer Richard Poplawski and was gleeful about the tragic events of April 4.

He was arrested Wednesday morning for probation violations. Those charges stem from his arrest in the shooting death of his girlfriend Lore Hann in Squirrel Hill in 2004.

A jury accepted Lloyd's plea of self-defense, but he was convicted of possessing unlicensed firearms.

Sources say Lloyd's history and rants have landed him on a domestic terrorism watch list at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which warned local law enforcement about Lloyd's recent postings.

KDKA-TV's Andy Sheehan says there are unconfirmed reports that guns were confiscated from Lloyd's home but there's no official word on that.

It's unclear right now whether other charges will be pending.

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