Hate Groups and Extremists Visitor Comments

"Why is there so much hate in the world? It never seems to go away. I am the son of immigrants to Great Britain and have been exposed to racism and religious prejudice since I was a child. Now I am almost 40 and I try to teach my children that people are people no matter what their religion or race. We are all God's children."

"This website is very informative and helpful. Everyone has always believed that learning about your past can prevent future mistakes. I am an immigrant and find it very shocking that hate groups exist in America. It is a shame what lack of tolerance can lead to. It would be really great if this website could reach millions more and create an awareness."

"Not too long ago I saw a news cast that stated the scientific community has traced all human DNA back to one single woman. This woman is the biological mother of the human race. Your mother, my mother--everyone's mother. And guess what? She was a women of color. So, given this fact, all people who hate others based on their race no longer have any ammunition to continue being racially hateful or divided."

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