Together, Sort Of

Washington Post/June 2, 2001
By Chris Jasko

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings of Washington's Imani Temple is now happily married, but he has yet to consummate the relationship with his new bride, Sayomi Kamimoto, according to senior sources within the Unification Church.

The Post's Hamil Harris has been told by a church official that "Archbishop Stallings and his wife are following the tradition of other families blessed by Father [Sun Myung] Moon and are offering their love for a 40-day separation period."

Stallings and Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo were among the grooms participating in the mass wedding ceremony conducted by the Rev. Moon in New York last Sunday.

Milingo, a well-known African church leader who has been in hot water with the Vatican, has set off alarm bells in Rome, where he still legally resides.

The Rev. Phillip Schanker, a spokesman for Moon, said, "We have no intentions of causing trouble or difficulty for leaders in any other faith. Rev. Moon wants to communicate with the Vatican."

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