Cult chief in helicopter crash horror

The Mirror, UK/July 7, 2008

The founder of the Moonies cult was injured yesterday when his helicopter crashed into a mountain and burst into flames.

Members of Rev Sun Myung Moon's family, including his wife, were among the injured in the accident near Seoul, South Korea.

The medical helicopter carrying 16 people was forced to try an emergency landing because of bad weather near Cheongshim Hospital, which is owned by the Unification Church, known as the Moonies.

The passengers were then taken to the hospital in a separate helicopter. The cult leader's injuries were not said to be life-threatening.

Moon, 88, set up the Unification Church in 1954, styling himself as the new Messiah. His followers believe he came into the world to complete the work of Jesus Christ. Known for its mass weddings, in 1982 4,000 couples, were married in New York. He was banned from the UK for 10 years in 1995, accused of brainwashing his members.

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