Alexander Haig and Rev. Moon are "soul mate[s]"?

February 17, 2000
By Rick Ross

300 people attended a Washington Times Foundation's awards event. Amongst the crowd were many well-known names, notable political leaders and elected officials.

Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State and NATO commander hugged Sun Myung Moon--the man who controls the Washington Times and ultimately foots the bill for such gatherings. The Rev. Moon is the head of the Unification Church (UC often called a "cult," which has generated serious complaints from families and former members ) and according to the group's "Divine Principle"--the "messiah." Haig told Mr. and Mrs. Moon, "You look younger" and told Mr. Moon "we're soul mates you know." It seems the retired general felt their common experiences in Korea somehow binds them together.

Other VIPs attending included former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, Caspar Wienberger (former Secretary of Defense), Sens. Strom Thurmond and Orrin G. Hatch, Chinese dissident Harry Wu and members of the House of Representatives including Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, Reps. Henry J. Hyde, Floyd D. Spence, John Thune, Christopher Cox, Gil Gutknecht, Anne M. Northrup, Tom Tancredo and Dennis J. Kucinich.

Sixty people received the awards from the Moon controlled Washington Times presented by a member of Congress ("from the winner 's state").

Special recognition awards were given to people closely aligned with Rev. Moon such as Charles and Frances Ballard, co-founders of the responsible fatherhood movement in America (essentially a Moon program); the Rev. Jerry Falwell, chancellor of Liberty University (who has received substantial financial help from Moon), Sen. Thurmond, the senior member of the Senate and Mr. Weinberger.

Of course the "Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for Freedom" went to none other than Rev. Moon himself--the self-proclaimed "messiah." In what seemed to be a cryptic allusion to a his supposed "messianic" mission Moon said, "I have lived my entire life with the earnest desire to solve the many problems related to manifesting God's ideal of creation."

Source the Washington Times "Warmth on a cold night" by Margaret Rankin February 4, 2000

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