500 Attend Sex Rally in S. Korea

Associated Press, February 12, 2000

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Waving signs that said, "Free sex: No," hundreds of young people from across the world rallied here Saturday, vowing to save sex for marriage.

About 500 people from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Latin America and Europe danced to rock and folk music and waved balloons in the rally in the plaza of downtown Seoul's main railroad station.

"In Korea, like other countries in the East, a lot of Westernization is going on, a lot of influence from America, promoting free sex basically," said Bow Jones, 21, from Albany, N.Y.

"We want to say a different message, that America isn't all about free sex," he said. "A lot of Americans do practice good values before marriage." Following their leaders, young participants raised their right hands and vowed to keep their chastity until marriage and remain true to their spouses.

They later marched through five city blocks, distributing leaflets promoting abstinence and fidelity within marriage and chanting, "Chastity! Love!" They waved pickets that said "One man, one wife," and "Extramarital affair, you are a witch."

Saturday's rally was organized by the National Headquarters to Practice True Family Values, a group associated with the Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Most of the participants were church members. The U.S.-based Pure Love Alliance, made up of students celebrating their virginity and members of church groups from around the world, also sponsored the rally.

Diana van der Stok, a 26-year old shop clerk from Bourgas, Bulgaria, said she lamented that young people were overly interested in sex.

"It can be very satisfying in the beginning, but then it can result in a serious heartbreak," said Stok, who flew in for the rally with 79 other Bulgarians.

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