Is Al Haig a Rev. Moon "soul mate"?

MSNBC, February 22, 2000

Feb. 22— The head of the controversial“ Moonie” church is keeping some impressive company these days. Rev. Sun Myung Moon— the head of the Unification Church and the man who has a controlling interest in the Washington Times— recently threw an awards dinner that was attended by some of the most powerful Republicans in Washington.

Three Hundred People attended the Washington Times Foundation Awards, including Al Haig, former Secretary of State and NATO commander, who, according to the Times; account, hugged Moon and declared that the two are; "soul mates." Haig couldn't be reached to verify or deny the account.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Other notable political leaders who reportedly attended the awards ceremony included Senators Strom Thurmond and Orrin Hatch, Caspar Weinberger, and Representatives Henry Hyde and Christopher Cox.

The Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for Freedom went to none other than Moon himself.

"This demonstrates the enormous political clout that the Reverend Moon has gathered over the years," says cult watcher Rick Ross. He seems able to rely on heavy hitters in the Republican Party to advance his agenda on a number of fronts. ... Why were all those people there? Could it be the generosity of the Moon church to a number of political campaigns?

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