Moon sect intends to infiltrate youth organizations

Berlin-Brandenburg sect commissioner warns about "Pure Love Alliance"

Berlin, Germany / August 2, 2000

Berlin (idea) - Apparently the Moon sect plans to systematically infiltrate evangelical youth organizations with a campaign of pre-marital chastity. That was said to the staff at "idea" by the Evangelical Church's commissioner for issues of sects and weltanschauung in Berlin-Brandenburg, Reverend Thomas Gandow of Berlin. The so-called Pure Love Alliance, which provides sexual information for teenagers in the USA, is in reality part of the "Unification Church" of Korean Sung Myung Mun. In its gatherings, the participants are to take vows which, from Moon's perspective, will let them enter the "true family," the Moon sect. Also, candy is distributed which is treated with so-called "Holy Wine" - which former members, according to Gandow, say consists of "diluted blood and sperm of the sect founder." "When they eat this candy they become a member of the Moon Family, since, from Moon's perspective, a physical exchange of blood takes place," Gandow cited the sect's internal documents.

New Mission Objective: Germany

While the "Unification Church" is banned from some schools in the USA, such as in Chicago, the Moon missionaries are now directing their attention to other countries, such as Great Britain, France and Germany. Gandow is concerned that any Christian group can be infiltrated which has as a goal the promotion of sexual abstinence before marriage. In the meantime, the Moon sect has already gotten a toehold in certain evangelical circles in the USA. For instance, conservative preacher Jerry Falwell openly cooperates with Moon organizations.

Gandow: serious chastity campaigns at risk

"It's good there are groups which support chastity before marriage," Gandow told "idea." "But all these serious campaigns are currently at special risk of being infiltrated by the Pure Love Alliance." Gandow continued, "I can't imagine that any evangelical Christian could reconcile with their beliefs the idea of their own children at a gathering focusing on sexual abstinence where they become members of the Moon sect, whose leader has declared that genitals are the center point of the universe." For that purpose he has written a letter to warn the organizers of the Christian campaign "True Love waits" ["Wahre Liebe wartet'] and of the CVJM, "neither of which are suspected of any cooperation with the sect" of the Moon campaign.

Discussion of homosexual marriage favors the mission of the Moon sect Gandow indicated that according to credible information, about 300 American Moon adherents were coming to Germany from the USA in early August to support the only several hundred German members for the upcoming operation. The plan will take advantage of the current debate on the "marriage" of homosexuals. Gandow said, "This discussion causes a certain anxiety among people of piety - this darker setting is extremely suited for Moon to propagate his ideology under cover of 'pure love and absolute sex'." Moon, who says he has about two million adherents, asserts that Jesus failed as Messiah because he did not start a family. Moon says that he was called to complete Jesus' mission. With his wife he conducts mass marriages of adherents from his religious congregation; they honor the Moons as "true parents."

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