Unification Church Visitor Comments

"I frequently visit your website. I was a member of Moon´s cult for almost 18 years. I became convinced that he is dangerous and a threat to democracy. God Bless you for your work."

"I am in Kenya and would like to comment on the 'Moonies.' I am a member, but was falsely and seductively recruited through promises of getting a job and sponsorship. This church is a dangerous cult and a threat to freedom and democracy. It was a mistake for me to join. My freedom has been curtailed and I cannot exercise my liberty. I will move out soon from this destructive cult. Thanks for the information at your site."

"I have just spent several hours reading articles on your Moon page. I just wanted to tell you how incredibly good I thought it was and to congratulate you for your in depth work there! I know that this is a tremendous task. I will recommend your site to friends! I don't think too many people realize that Rev. Moon hasn't gone away and that he has an agenda!"

"I know first hand [about] this CULT! I was a brainwashed deceived member in 1975! Got out when I realized the lies being told to so many young people to have them join and sell flowers and trinkets. Keep [posting] the news of 'Moonie' activities."

"I have been looking at your site and wish to say that in my opinion you are providing a valuable service which has the potential to save many people from terrible damage. As an ex Unification Church member I can, with some knowledge, confirm how serious and damaging this sort of DECEPTION is and, given certain circumstances, how easily people can fall into such traps. Your site, I hope, will reduce the number of people who will be deceived."

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