Woman shares horror working inside Las Vegas sex club cult at nudist yoga temple

Ex-employee Kirsten lifts the lid on sex club she alleges claims it's a yoga temple and says she thinks it's actually a seedy cult-type organisation that sucks in unsuspecting staff and clients

Mirror, UK/November 4, 2023

By Paul Donald

A former mormon looking for work got a job at what she thought was a nudist yoga temple – but it turned out to be sex club.

The ex-employee appeared on the Cults To Consciousness podcast to lift the lid on the One Love Temple, which is also known as the Sea Mountain Spa claiming the club has been luring in members by masquerading as a meditative Buddhist retreat.

Shocked Kirsten dished the dirt on everything that happened behind closed doors at the club, in Las Vegas. The Nevada native first came across the 'sex club' after leaving Mormonism, getting a divorce and needing to quickly get a job.

She had previously gone to cosmetology school and was searching for work in local spas and salons on Craigslist. She stumbled across one listing that was seeking managers for a nudist yoga temple but she was unfazed by its policies at the time.

She said: "At first I was like okay... but then I was in the mindset of, 'I'm out of Mormonism, I need to experience new things and people do naked yoga, this is a thing, it's fine'."

Her interview was to take place at a house in a residential neighbourhood and on arrival, found that everyone was fully nude with the group of interviewees also told they needed to "strip down".

She added: "The thing that blows my mind is nobody said anything. None of us said anything. We just kind of looked at each other and got naked." They were given a guided tour of the facilities which included some very 'interesting' rooms.

One in particular, called the Dharma, had Buddhist statues in front of it but beyond the door was a giant circular bed, stripper pole and DJ booth, and Kirsten said: "It was very clearly a sex room... It just kept getting weirder and weirder – many rooms that all from the outside looking in would look very much like this was going to be the yoga room or this is going to be the meditation room but every time you open it up there was a circular bed."

The 30-year-old got the job but soon found that rather than being there as a hostess she was expected to be "eye candy". Kirsten said that on the first weekend there, with shifts lasting about 10 to 12 hours, and: "There were people having sex everywhere and I was not expecting this at all... I remember feeling really uncomfortable. I feel like now, being out of it, it was like forced voyeurism. It was very much 'I didn't know that was gonna happen, I didn't give consent to have that happen'. I think people saw I was visibly uncomfortable and they thought it was funny."

And on why she thinks the One Love Temple is a 'cult', she said: "The behaviour control starts bringing you in by acting like this is a beautiful yoga relaxing retreat. Their website has statues of Buddha on it and showing pools and you know, pools with mineral water and all these things.

"But then once you get there they tell you to strip down fully nude and if you choose not to you are asked to leave and are told that because you're not nude you're being a predator. So basically, 'We're all nude so you not being nude and looking at our bodies makes you a creep and we're not okay with it'."

The club demands that all guests sign contracts agreeing to go fully nude to make it clear that it is not optional – despite their website stating differently. The One Love Temple has two dedicated websites.

The first describes the establishment as a 'Meditative Zen Center – Bringing Zen and Love to the Mecca of Nevada'. But the other, for Sea Mountain Spa Las Vegas, has images of nude bodies in compromising poses, and says: "Come to the most unique and upscale lifestyles temple on earth and see where desire can be achieved by positive loving each day and night of the year."

The website claims clothing is optional, adding: "You can always wear a towel a sarong, a wrap or a robe so your comfort is the Sea Mountain concern." But Kirsten says this is not the case: "No, you couldn't walk around the towel or sarong or a robe, they'd be like 'no you're being creepy because we're all naked and you're not so you're here to look at other people's bodies and make them uncomfortable'.

And she added: "There was a lot of times that people came not knowing at all what it was. One thing that happened a lot that makes me really, really sad to say is that couples would book time together... and when they would call we would say it's a fully nude 'lifestyle' resort.

Kirsten said that one time an erotic massage therapist at the club had used her to demonstrate some teachings. She said: "I felt like I had to. I was stiff as a board the whole time and even though it wasn't like full-on massaging genitals or anything it was a lot of very erotic touching other parts of my body.

"I wanted to bawl my eyes out and I did not have the courage to tell my partner what had happened because I was so mortified and traumatised and embarrassed and hurt and all of the other thousands of feelings you get when you've been violated."

Kirsten, who worked at the club for less than six months, said single men or gay couples were banned, adding the main demographic was white couples in their 40s to 60s.

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