My great-granddad was cult leader with wild beliefs – from spaceman spies to God in UFO

A Reddit user claims to have found an old letter detailing their cult leader great-granddad's wild beliefs, from a god called Yahweh fleeing Earth in a UFO to Russians spying on the US from outer space

Daily Star, UK/May 19, 2024

By Lizzie McAllister

A family was reportedly left gobsmacked after they discovered their great-granddad's bizarre secret.

A Reddit user has claimed their grandfather's dad was once a leading member of a cult known as 'We the People of Yahweh'. The social media fan, who wished to remain anonymous, even had a letter they say proves their late relative had some pretty wacky beliefs.

The post displayed five pages of the letter outlining some of the group's controversial tenets. "All knowledge comes from YAHWEH our beloved creator on Orion (heaven) and His blessed Son, Dr Joseph Jeffers, our Savior (hq USA) – there is no other," the letter began.

It went on to describe how Yahweh – a deity, according to the group – would save his followers. "YAHWEH left His headquarters on Orion by spaceship," the letter continued. "He will land on a high mountain near Phoenix, Arizona. He will pick up His son, Dr Joseph 'Yahoshua' Jeffers, the Savior and Remnant."

Another page outlined the cult's reported belief in Russian spies – in space. "From their base on the moon, the Russians watched our astronauts when they first landed on the moon in 1969 and other landings," it read.

"The Russians have been chemically seeding the atmosphere from the dark side of the moon to cause unusual and severe weather changes over the United States of America to cause damage and destroy our food crops."

The group even believes Yahweh foresaw the start of World War Three, which the divine leader said would be "Armageddon". The Reddit user, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Star: "My Grandpa – we called him Pappaw – passed away two years ago from lung cancer. While getting photos to make a memory board, I came across the letters [...].

"I asked my Grandma (Mammaw) about it. She kind of laughed it off and said that my Pappaw’s biological dad was a chairman of the 'We the People Kingdom of Yahweh' cult that was based out of Arizona (where he ran off to, we’re in Ohio).

"She just kind of said it nonchalantly and carried on about our task of going through our pictures. [I am] not aware of what they believe in nor anything about it but what is in the letters."

The alleged cult doesn't appear to have much of an online presence. However similar cults such as the House of Yahweh are much better-known across the US.

Based out of Texas, the House of Yahweh was founded by Yisrayl Hawkins, also known as "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins, in the 1970s after he returned from a trip to Israel and claimed to have "found proof of Yahweh's name". The group has faced a number of damning allegations with Hawkins having been accused of bigamy, a charge that was later dismissed, and other senior members facing sexual assault accusations.

House of Yahweh members have also tried and failed to predict the end of the world on numerous occasions.

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