Do Americans Believe in Miracles?

Summary based on a Newsweek poll: Most Americans believe in Miracles
Newsweek/May 1, 2000

According to a recent Newsweek poll, the vast majority of Americans believe in miracles.

  • 84% believe God performs miracles.
  • 79% believe the miracles in the Bible actually took place.
  • 63% know someone who claims to have experienced a miracle.
  • 48% say they have experienced or witnessed one.
  • 90% of Christians believe in miracles.
  • 46% of non-Christians do.
  • 98% of Evangelical Protestants believe in them.
  • 87% agree miracles can happen to religious faiths different than their own.
  • 67% of Americans have prayed for a miracle.
  • 77% believe miracles can cure people given no chance by medical doctors.
  • 72% say people who face death in accidents can be saved by a miracle.

This poll data appeared part of a new Newsweek story on miracles. It will be available on Sunday on and on newsstands Monday. Religion editor Kenneth L. Woodward provides accounts on modern day miracles.

Woodward's story is from his book, "The Book of Miracles." (Simon & Schuster)

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