Video Natureboy Live in Costa Rica With Kayla Reid Who Is Returning Home

The Costa Rica Star/March 21, 2017

21-year-old Canadian Kayla Reid has decided to return to Newfoundland to avoid causing any problems for Natureboy and his community in Costa Rica.

She described being stunned at the immense amount of negative media coverage of her move to Costa Rica earlier this month which she says was to be closer to nature.

The CBC quoted from the Facebook she posted today in which she explained her decision to leave Costa Rica with Natureboy’s help.

Kayla, who is referred to as Sun Ray by Natureboy, in the post says, “I came here to be free…I just felt like I belonged here. That’s why I came here. My heart just felt like this is my family so that’s why I came here [to Costa Rica].”

Her mother Tammy Reid told CBC News that, “Natureboy worked with us to get her home. He will help Kayla get on the plane safely.”

As a result of the negative press coverage he says he has received, Natureboy says he is no longer inviting people to come to his Costa Rican center.

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