Prosecution rests in DeKalb County rape trial of alleged cult leader Eligio Bishop

Fox 5 Atlanta/February 26, 2024

Dekalb County, Georgia -- After three full days of testimony, the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office rested its case Monday night in the rape trial of an accused cult leader.

Prosecutors accused Eligio Bishop of assaulting a woman who tried to leave his group Carbon Nation.

On Monday, prosecutors played his interview with police, and jurors heard from a woman who claimed she was also raped by him.

"The door was closed, and then he came onto me," a former member of the alleged cult Carbon Nation testified Monday.

The woman, who we are not identifying, did not hold back. She said Bishop, the group’s alleged leader, sexually assaulted her.

"He made one of his wives leave the room, and from there it led to him raping me," she said.

The woman said she felt like she could not say no to Bishop because he was the group’s leader. He is not on trial for this alleged attack, but prosecutors had the woman testify to show jurors Bishop had done this to other members of the group, too.

"There was a moment after it happened that I went to the bathroom because I was in pain and bleeding," the woman said.

Alleged cult leader Eligio Bishop denies raping Carbon Nation members

Bishop has repeatedly denied raping anyone, including during an interview with DeKalb County detectives investigating the case he is on trial for.

"Why would I rape someone? I got five women," Bishop told investigators in 2022. "Why would I rape a girl? I am a lady’s man."

Bishop’s full 45-minute interview with police was played for the jury. He denied the rape and posting revenge porn, saying he has proof he did not do anything wrong.

"We’re not saying she didn’t consent before then," a police detective said to Bishop. "You could say, ‘Consent, consent, consent,’ and then, ‘Stop.’"

"I would never jeopardize my career," Bishop responded.

During the interview, Bishop said he knows he is a controversial figure, but that does not mean he should have his character attacked.

"Someone could say that I raped them, and just because I have a bad image online, I go to jail?" he asked during the interview. "That’s crazy."

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