DNA Expert Tells Court Woman Not Miracle Baby’s Mother

PA News, UK/March 16, 2005

DNA samples show a woman is not the biological mother of a baby she claims she conceived through miracles performed by a London preacher, a Kenyan court heard Tuesday.

DNA expert Rose Sikuku testified today in a Kenyan magistrate court at the trial of three women charged with stealing babies as part of a suspected international child trafficking ring.

Miriam Nyeko, who holds a British passport but was born in Uganda, Rose Kiserem and Mary Deya, the wife of self-proclaimed archbishop Gilbert Deya, have pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing babies.

An analysis of DNA samples showed that Nyeko is not the biological mother of a baby she named Daniel Rwok Nyeko, Sikuku told the court.

Prosecutors allege that Deya and Kiserem stole the baby from his biological parents at Kenya?s Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

The trial resumed in Nairobi this week after prosecutors asked for about a month recess to prepare evidence.

In September, a Kenyan magistrate court issued an international arrest warrant against Gilbert Deya in connection with his alleged role in a suspected international child trafficking ring.

Prosecutors have said the investigation into the alleged child-trafficking ring involved suspects in Britain, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, as well as Kenya.

Another couple, Michael and Eddah Odera, who claimed to have given birth to 11 children through Deya?s miracles also face separate charges for stealing babies.

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