Tests Show Only One Child Linked to Deya

The Standard, Kenya/April 26, 2005
By Cyrus Ombati

Only one of the nine children seized from the home of the London-based evangelist Gilbert Deya has been proved as his.

DNA tests carried out on Deya and the children showed that only the genes of one child, identified as David, matched the wealthy preacher’s.

UK police carried out the tests and sent the results to their Kenyan counterparts last week.

“Results here show that only one of the babies who were seized from a home in Mountain View last year belong to Deya,” said police.

Police are still holding 21 children now known as “miracle babies” in various children’s homes in the city pending the outcome of a court case against Deya’s wife Mary over child theft.

Similar tests in Kenya showed that only one baby is related to Mary.

Deya, who is in charge of Deya Ministries in the UK, who has been charged with child trafficking, has maintained that the children are his. He claimed the charges were based on malice and jealousy.

Yesterday, police who said they doubted the outcome of tests carried out on the babies and over 50 people claiming them said the exercise would be repeated.

Officials said the tests might have done with faulty equipment, adding that they would repeat the tests either in South Africa or Britain.

“It is expensive but we are trying to have the tests done again because there were obvious cases of relationship between some of the children and claimants,” said an officer.

Police last August raided a home in Nairobi’s Komarock estate and seized 12 children. The took away nine more from the Deyas home in Mountain View.

Investigations into a suspected child trafficking racket started after a couple claimed they had miraculously given birth to over 10 children within three years.

The couple was also arrested and charged after tests indicated that none of the 12 babies had genetic links with them.

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