Deya loses his appeal against extradition

South London/January 8, 2008

Home secretary Jacqui Smith has ordered that a South London evangelical preacher be extradited to Kenya over an alleged "miracle babies" scam.

Gilbert Deya, a self-styled archbishop who runs his 34,000-member ministry from Ormside Road in Peckham, says he will now take an appeal all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.

The 55-year-old is wanted by the African country's authorities to face charges of child kidnapping. The preacher lost his appeal against extradition to face charges that he was supplying infertile couples with stolen children from Africa, leaving the decision to the Home Office. Cops seized 10 kids from his Kenyan home in 2004 and arrested three church members including his wife, Mary Juma Deya. She was later sentenced to two years in jail.

Archbishop Deya denies five charges of harbouring stolen children and one charge of conspiracy to harbour children.

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