Reality show: Koran-burning pastor, bong-selling store owner

Fox News 13, Florida/April 10, 2013

Maybe it's just a pipe dream, perhaps just a wishful prayer - and it depends on which man you ask.

Long-time smoke shop owner Randy Heine of Pinellas Park and Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville - who captured national headlines in 2010 by threatening to burn Korans - are pitching a television reality show featuring a new joint venture.

"He's going to sell guns and I'm going to sell pipes," Heine told FOX 13 News Wednesday, "I'm his total opposite by the way. He's a Christian, I'm an atheist."

Reached by phone in Gainesville, Pastor Jones confirmed the concept.

"I assume there would be opportunity for some very heated discussions," Jones said, then expressed a preference for something other than raging arguments.

"We have the element of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression," he pointed out.

Nonetheless, "I am not for tobacco, I am not for the legalizing of marijuana" Jones admitted.

Heine bragged "I've been selling pipes for 37 years," roughly the same amount of time Jones has been a missionary and cleric.

Jim Dobyns claims some experience as a television producer and says that conflict is an element of every successful reality show. He also said the show's concept is getting some interest.

"In terms of the end network that this would most likely be on, either SpikeTV or TrueTV are two of the big ones," Dobyns said.

"Some of the other channels - or a lot of the other channels - are going to stay away from this, obviously because of the history of the pastor."

Jones also confirmed he is moving his organization out of Gainesville not later than July.

"We will be coming there with our organization, Standup America Now, and of course with the church," Jones said, but added an exact location has not been selected.

However, the pastor owns a condominium on Treasure Island and Heine is trying to steer him to Pinellas Park.

Jones said he has never sold firearms before, but has become familiar with them after some of his demonstrations led to death threats.

Heine is already building a set for the show and shop space for the gun store in the vacant half of the building housing his smoke shop. He also has a concept for a new paint job for the building: Half camouflage and half tie-dye.

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