American voters prefer gays over fundamentalist Christians

Wisconsin Gazette/March 29, 2014

The Human Rights Campaign and Americans for Marriage Equality have released the results of a study that found gays are more popular among American voters than fundamentalist Christians are.

The study, titled "Victory In Sight,” conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and TargetPoint Consulting, was in an in-depth investigation that examined shifts in public opinion over time, reasons for the shifts, and differing stances on equality among people of different ages, faiths, geographic areas and more.

The first question asked voters' whether they had favorable or unfavorable feelings toward gays and lesbians and toward evangelical Christians. Fifty-three percent of voters responded that they felt favorably toward gays and lesbians, compared to 42 percent who felt favorably toward evangelicals. Eighteen percent said they felt unfavorably toward gays and lesbians, while 28 percent reported unfavorable feelings toward evangelicals.

The survey also discovered that voters who attend monthly or yearly worship services favor marriage equality by a large margin — 64 percent and 68 percent, respectively. But respondents who said they attend weekly religious services oppose same-sex marriage by 63 percent.

Researchers also found.

• Sixty percent of Catholic respondents also said they favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally marry, up from 57 percent in 2012.

• One-third of millennials who left the religions in which they were raised said they did so due to their churches’ anti-gay teachings.

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