77% of evangelical Protestants attribute climate change to Biblical predictions

The Westside Story, South Dakota/November 26, 2014

By Charles Omedo

About 77% white evangelical Protestants think that the present climate change and the severity of natural disasters is apocalyptic in nature and a fulfillment of Biblical predictions for the end time, and about 49% believe that climate change and natural disasters are attributable to the activities of man on earth.

In a poll titled “Religion, Values, and Climate Change Survey, ” and conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), 69% of Americans agree that climate change is real and something to be addressed, but they do not think it is more important than unemployment, healthcare, budget deficit, immigration reforms, and high cost of education.

About 3,000 respondents in the poll signified that most Americans never hear anything about global warming or climate change during church services, while a few testify that their church leaders speak about it once in a while. For instance, 33% say their church leaders have never spoken of climate change in church while a few admitted to having heard it in church.

“White evangelical Protestants stand out from other religious groups in their willingness to embrace theological over scientific explanations for the severity of recent natural disasters and in their skepticism that human beings are playing a role in rising global temperatures,” said PRRI CEO Robert Jones. “Nearly four-in-ten white evangelicals are climate change skeptics.”

And to spice up the survey poll, 53% of Americans disagree that God would intervene if man destroyed the earth through his activities, but 39% insist God would act to save the world from man if he attempts to destroy the earth through his activities.

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