Creationist Ken Ham: Dinosaurs fought gladiator battles against humans and giants

Raw Story/February 17, 2017

By David Ferguson

Creationist and Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham believes that in ancient times humans and dinosaurs co-existed with a race of giants and they all did battle with each other in gladiator-style combat.

Huffington Post’s Ed Mazza said Friday that Ham tweeted an image of a new diorama in Kentucky’s “Ark Encounter” theme park that features humans, giants and dinosaurs battling to the death in a Roman-style arena.

“Exquisite design by @ArkEncounter artists for new Diorama depicting wicked population in the pre-Flood world to be installed @ArkEncounter,” Ham wrote.

Ham is the director of Answers in Genesis, a fundamentalist Christian sect who believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that humans, dinosaurs and apparently giants coexisted rather than being separated by millions of years.

“Scientists estimate that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, or a good 64.8 million years before the first homo sapiens, who evolved roughly 200,000 years ago,” said Mazza.

Answers in Genesis spent $101 million building “Ark Encounter,” including $18 million in tax incentives that came from Kentucky’s state coffers. In spite of receiving public money for the project, “Ark Encounter” only hires employees who identify as Christian and requires unmarried employees sign a vow of chastity.

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