Fundamentalist Christian who founded ‘Biblical Flat Earth Society’ busted on 56 counts of child sexual exploitation

Raw Story/June 21, 2019

By Brad Reed

A fundamentalist Christian man who is the self-proclaimed founder of the “Biblical Flat Earth Society” was arrested this week and charged with 56 counts of child sexual exploitation.

Local news station WTVD reports that Durham, North Carolina resident Phillip Stephen Stallings is facing dozens of charges of sexually exploiting minors after he allegedly “downloaded media that involved minors engaging in sexual activities.”

In addition to facing 28 counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and 28 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, Stallings this week was also served with a warrant related to financial card theft and cyberstalking.

Stallings’s personal website promotes his belief that the Earth is flat and cites biblical justifications for this provably false belief. Stallings believes that there is a conspiracy among the so-called Illuminati to “cover up the flat Earth” that is “certainly connected to sun worship which goes all the way back to Nimrod and the tower of Babel.”

In addition to floating “flat Earth” theories, Stallings also promotes YouTube videos about “biblical teaching on feminism, transvestites, sodomites and women in the military.”

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