Tyler will now live with his grandparents

The U.S. Sun/December 29, 2023

By Teresa Roca

IM Bob and Michelle Duggar have officially lost custody of their 15-year-old nephew Tyler after having him in their care since 2016.

Jim Bob, 58, and Michelle, 57, became their great nephew Tyler’s legal guardians in 2016, as his mother, Rachel Hutchins, who is Michelle’s sister Carolyn’s daughter, was unable to care for him.

The U.S. Sun previously reported the parents of 19 children agreed to give up guardianship of their great-nephew to his grandparents Carolyn and John in June.

The U.S. Sun can now exclusively reveal an Arkansas judge has made the custody change official.

Court papers filed on December 21 read: “The Court finds that it is in the best interest of the incapacitated persons Tyler Wayne Hutchins that the Petitioners, John Martin Hutchins and Carolyn Jeanette Hutchins be appointed permanent guardians of the person and of the estate of the incapacitated persons.

“The appointment of John Martin Hutchins and Carolyn Jeanette Hutchins as guardians of Tyler Wayne Hutchins is necessary to protect the minor and his estate.”

Tyler’s mother, Rachel, is “presently unable to meet Tyler’s health, safety, and other needs,” while his father is “undetermined and is not listed on the birth certificate.”

The court papers continue: “The parents of the minor child are currently unable to maintain control over the minor and his estate.”

Rachel has “consented to this guardianship” and visitation will be worked out between the parties.

The filing concluded: “James R. Duggar and Michelle A. Duggar, are currently the court-appointed Guardians of the person and of the state of Tyler Wayne Hutchins and have signed a Waiver of Notice and Consent to Guardianship, which has been filed herein.

"It is therefore considered, ordered and adjudged, that Petitioners, John Martin Hutchins and Carolyn Jeanette Hutchins, are appointed Permanent Guardian of the Person and Estate of Tyler Wayne Hutchins.”

The filing comes after Jim Bob and Michelle gave up custody of Tyler to his grandparents in June 2023.

The court papers read: “We specifically consent to the appointment of his grandparents, John Martin Hutchins and Carolyn Jeanette Hutchins, as general guardians of minor child Tyler Wayne Hutchins and enter our appearance for any necessary purposes and proceedings in any court of contempt jurisdiction to be instituted for formal and legal guardianship of said child.”

On September 5, 2023, Carolyn and John explained how they had physical control and custody of Tyler from the beginning of August 2015 to June 2016, as Jim Bob and Michelle then became his guardians.

“Petitioners have physical control and custody of the minor child and have acted as caregivers for the minor child since June 5 of this year," the court papers read.

“The Petitioners, husband and wife, are legally qualified to serve as guardians of said person.

“The Petitioners believe that they are the fit and proper persons to provide for the care and welfare of Tyler. They are requesting that they be appointed guardians.

Tyler’s biological father is undetermined and not listed on the birth certificate.

His mother, Rachel, 30, has “entrusted Tyler to the care and control of the Petitioners. Furthermore, Rachel is presently unable to meet Tyler’s health, safety, and other needs.

“Ms. Hutchins is unemployed, has no income lacks any means of transportation, and is currently on probation.”

Rachel did not object to the guardianship.

The court papers continued: “The Petitioners have the means and commitment to provide a stable and secure home environment for Tyler, and they respectfully petition this court to appoint them as Tyler’s guardians.”

Carolyn replied, “no comment” when The U.S. Sun asked about the Duggars signing over guardianship.

A rep for Jim Bob and Michelle did not respond to The U.S. Sun’s request for comment at the time.


The U.S. Sun also previously reported Jim Bob and Michelle filed an Accounting by Guardian on October 25, 2023, to disclose Tyler’s finances while in their care.

The court papers read: “James R. Duggar and Michelle A. Duggar, respectfully submit to the court their account as guardian of the estate of Tyler Wayne Hutchins for the period beginning on November 17th, 2022 and ending on October 31st, 2023.”

As of October 16, 2023, Tyler had $231.64 in his bank account.

They state Tyler owns a 2007 Chevy Duramax valued at $8,500.

“James R. Duggar and Michelle A. Duggar have not used the minor’s property, or obtained any benefit from the minor’s estate during the referenced period, and said funds have grown to the amount stated above as the net value of the estate," the court papers continued.

In the accounting filed last year on October 31, 2022, Tyler had $7,851 in his savings.


Jim Bob and Michelle became Tyler’s permanent guardians in 2016.

In their petition for temporary guardianship obtained by The U.S. Sun, they explained that Tyler’s grandmother had physical custody until she was unable to care for him when she suffered a stroke in July 2016.

The court papers stated Tyler’s mom Rachel was “homeless with no permanent address” and lived most of the time in a motel, as she was unemployed.

Rachel “entrusted Tyler to the care and control” of Jim Bob and Michelle, as she is "unable to meet Tyler’s health, safety, and other needs," according to the court papers.

They were appointed Tyler’s permanent guardians in November 2016.

Rachel was charged with felony breaking, and theft of property under $1,000 in May 2016, according to online court records.

She was sentenced to supervised probation.


Tyler has appeared on the Duggar’s Instagram page, as he seemed to have fit in well with the family.

On his 13th birthday in February 2021, the family posted photos of Tyler with the caption: "Tyler is a very special part of our family and he turns 13 today!

“We celebrated his birthday with a fun afternoon together at Top Golf. I really can’t get over how much our boys grow on a weekly/monthly basis!! Love these fellas... and the fella behind the camera (Jim Bob!)”

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