Father of two kicked out of Gloriavale, accused of disloyalty

NewsHub, New Zealand/October 12, 2018

A father of two has been kicked out of Gloriavale after reportedly showing a lack of loyalty. 

The 22-year-old man was kicked out on Sunday night, leaving behind his wife and children, aged two years old and one month old. 

Newshub understands he has been accused of disloyalty for speaking to people outside of the Gloriavale community. The man has four siblings who have all already left the religious sect. 

Newshub understands the man is distraught, as he was born in Gloriavale and loves his family. He had no intention of leaving them. 

It's understood Gloriavale's leadership got the man's wife to say she wanted him to leave, but he says he wanted to stay.

The man is being supported by Christians outside of the community on the West Coast.

It's understood that in the last year, one of the four fathers kicked out of the sect has been allowed back in because he passed on information that led to this latest man being kicked out. 

Newshub has contacted Gloriavale for comment.

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