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"I have been a member of the Masonic Lodge for many years and hold a 32 Degree in The Scottish Rite. There seems to be such an outcry against Freemasonry from 'fundamentalist Christian' organizations. In recent years Islamic fundamentalists have likewise declared a Holy War on the lodge. This all puts me at a complete loss, because the lodge incorporates aspects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam into the rituals. Why do groups attack Freemasonry by calling it a cult? There are no real secrets, except the signs of recognition, which can now be downloaded off the Internet. The secret I suppose is figuring it all out and that is up to each man to do on his own. Some say that the lodge is a part of something called the 'New World Order,' but to be honest with you, no one has asked me me to take part in such an effort. Besides, to create such a thing it would take lots of money and I don't think the $15 bucks I sent the Grand Lodge for a calendar will do it."

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