Larry Gross -- Letter of Resignation  

May 4, 2000

Note: Larry Gross claims that he disassociated himself from Yogaville after his controversial marriage to Catherine Cheng. However, since his supposed "letter of resignation" (dated April 1999) he clearly continues to hold official positions within Yogaville's enterprises according to official records.

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Note: Despite statements made by Catherine Cheng (now called "Meenakshi" Gross), her husband Larry Gross (aka "Sundaram") and leaders at Yogaville, which claim Catherine and Larry are no longer associated with Yogaville--a letter posted March 2001 on the Yogaville Web site proved otherwise. Both "Meenakshi" and "Sundaram" were listed prominently amongst "20 Western devotees" who "came [to India] to pay respects to Sri Gurudev [aka Swami Satchidananda]...with offerings" at a celebration attended by Yogaville's supreme leader.

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